This forum is dedicated to technical support and related questions to our products on Themeforest, only those who buy our products, have the permission to register to be a member of the forum.

How to register?

1. Click HERE to go to registration page.

2. Provide a Username, Password, and your Email address.

3. Prove a valid Envato Purchase Code (You only have this code if you have already bought at least one of our products).

4. Accept the Forum Rules and click to "Complete Registration" button.

5. You are done if all the info you provide are valid.

How can I get a Envato Purchase Code?

In order to find your licence key/purchase code you need to log into your ThemeForest account and go to your "Downloads" page.

Locate at any item that you have purchased from us in your "Downloads" list and click on the Download button, then select the "License Certificate & Purchase Code" link in drop-down menu.

Downloads | ThemeForest 2013-12-18 12-48-02.jpg

It will then generate you a text file to download. After that open the file and find "Item Purchase Code", it's the code you need to provide in Envato Purchase Code field to register.

Hope to see you in soon!